Soil Science Society of Slovenia

professional and scientific, as well as amateur association of those interested in soil science.


SSSS was established in December 2004 and has around 35 members. It brings together professionals or amatures who love and live for Soil Science. We come from various institutions, but we share a common belief/interest,  to manage the soil sustainably as a natural resource, which in addition to air and water allows life on Earth.

A Soil Science Society is a non-profit, non-political and non-institutional association. It allows and encourages free discussion on topical issues related to soil and Soil Science.

The Society is a member of the World Federation of Soil Societies of the International Union of Soil Sciences.

The most important activities of the Society are the organization of excursions, professional and scientific lectures, organization of conferences and round tables. Within the Society, commissions are dealing with narrower areas of content.

If you are interested in Soil and Soil Science, if you are concerned about the fate of the Soil in Slovenia, if you would like to share your opinion on current issues related to the Soil, Soil degradation, Soil sealing … join the SSSS.